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The Reality of Online Entrepreneurship!


Who do you not want to run a business from your home, and wear a bathrobe to virtual business meetings? Since the go-go days of the dotcom boom, the ideal of starting an online business has drawn many to try their business legs in the challenges of online commerce. And with shops popping out on the internet you see that a lot of people actual start a online business. And if you see then that a lot of people have already start buying online (Do you still know people who never did buy anything online ?) And you know it is a great way to start a new business.

When one speaks of “making money online,” one creates an image of simply turning on a computer and getting money out of it as if it were an ATM machine. In fact, the Internet, and all the commercial features of it, are merely tools in the entrepreneur’s toolbox that should be used alongside other, more traditional tools. When you’re building a house, sometimes that high-tech, laser pointing thingamabob is great, but sometimes you just need a hammer. And so it is with online business, and supplementing all that high-tech with old-fashioned business, or in many cases, supplementing old-fashioned business with some high-tech, is what it takes to be successful. Success online comes not in replacing the old with the new, but blending them together.

With a few high-profile exceptions, most businesses that “make money online” successfully aren’t exclusive virtual sales companies, but instead, they use the Internet as just one of several sales channels. While people are buying things online, they enjoy having the Internet as an option—but don’t want it to be their only option. More often, the Internet is used as a vehicle for researching products that will actually be bought in an actual brick-and-mortar store.
Creating a virtual business doesn’t mean that it should be exclusively virtual.

The most successful online businesses are those that have promoted themselves offline as well as on, through traditional media such as television and newspaper as well as via click through and email advertising. But also advertising on other websites, and email messages will help.

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when starting an online business, is not to get lost in the online mystique. The Internet revolution has, and continues to bring us all manner of useful tools and techniques for your new online business, but if you want to get customers to visit your new online shop, then you have to actually change out of your bathrobe, get out of your home, and actually talk with people face-to-face. And make sure you succeed in your online business. Free website traffic to your site!